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ChopValue Announces Accelerated Positive Expansion in Southeast Asia, Signing Multi-Unit Deal for 10 Microfactories in the Philippines

ChopValue Announces Accelerated Positive Expansion in Southeast Asia, Signing Multi-Unit Deal for 10 Microfactories in the Philippines

VANCOUVER, BC – January 17, 2024 – In a tangible initiative to address the waste crisis in the Philippines, ChopValue has entered into a strategic partnership with Zero Carbon Philippines, a subsidiary of the Ergo Group of Companies, who are the leading manufacturer for furniture and office solutions in the Philippines market. ChopValue Philippines is set to establish 10 Microfactories in the country to spearhead the innovation of transforming the country's waste streams into premium performance products. The first flagship location strategically situated in the heart of Manila is anticipated to begin operations as early as May of this year.


Despite the Philippines raising its greenhouse gas emissions reduction target to 75% by 2030, more specifics around these efforts to tackle environmental issues — especially around the manufacturing sector — are still unclear. The country has become a waste hub and also ranks among the top waste generators in Southeast Asia, however there is currently no integrated circular economy or established policy framework. Persistent issues such as low recycling rates, collection challenges, and previous global garbage trade continue to compound the nation's waste dilemma.

"Filipinos are some of the most clever and talented people in the world, and if exposed to the idea that practical solutions are possible in closing the loop, we’re poised to be inventive problem solvers and leaders regionally around these challenges,” shares Tim Ng, Managing Director of Zero Carbon Philippines. “If we can be the catalyst for establishing circular innovation and growing the conscious community in our country, it would pave the way for future generations to build upon that. We are all intimately intertwined, and through small or large steps collectively, we can align our values to make a lasting impact to preserve the equity of our beautiful country that will last for generations to come.” 



The Ergo Group of Companies, operating nationwide with multiple production facilities of more than 100,000 square feet, has built a renowned reputation for providing top-tier office solutions and furniture catering to public institutions, hospitality chains, and stadium seating, highlighted by the furnishing of the Philippine Arena – the world’s largest indoor stadium. With nearly 4 decades of furniture experience and knowledge of the Philippines market, they have built a platform that can showcase how businesses like ChopValue Philippines rooted in climate positive values can convert the country’s waste challenge into a viable and profitable model. Ergo’s ventures with Zero Carbon Philippines aims to lead traditional manufacturing practices into more environmentally sustainable models, first within the larger organization, then for the rest of the country as an example to follow.

“38 years ago, we set the standard for industry seating and revolutionized the ergonomic industry in the Philippines,” says Philip Ng, Chairman of Ergo Group of Companies. “We hope that this new mission we’ve embarked on with Negative Carbon Philippines will open other companies around us to the courage to partake in more eco-friendly initiatives, setting the stage for a new standard in the Philippines that aligns with the growing global emphasis on environmentally conscious business practices.” 



ChopValue Philippines is already proactively laying the groundwork for its Microfactory flagship, engaging in active discussions with existing partnerships involving sustainability-focused corporations such as McDonald’s and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. With the additionally mapped Microfactories in the pipeline, the company is strategically positioning itself to facilitate the widespread implementation of carbon storage solutions in premium end products for businesses across the ASEAN market. Additionally, the company will support Ergo on their transformative urban development project in Manila, which includes the construction of a new 8-story building in a prime district integrating factory and office spaces to enhance their positive impact.

“I have a deep appreciation for Tim and his family's emotional commitment to addressing the country's growing waste problem.” expresses Felix Böck, Founder and CEO of ChopValue. “Witnessing the next generation take forward-thinking steps guided by a clear understanding of the essential changes needed, is genuinely inspiring. It emphasizes the significant responsibility we all share in making resource efficiency the new norm."

In a country where sustainability is often considered a luxury, the ChopValue Philippines partnership is committed to inspiring a paradigm shift by making it accessible to everyone. Introducing a scalable and cost-efficient approach to the circular economy is how the company intends to redefine the standard for responsible manufacturing. Through the engineering of carbon-negative performance products for commercial and residential spaces, ChopValue Philippines is dedicated to demonstrate that environmental practices can be both inclusive and innovative to break away from the current linear economy.


About ChopValue

ChopValue is the world’s first circular economy franchise for commercialized decentralized manufacturing, with operations in 8 countries and over 70 Microfactories in development to create local impact on a global scale. Since its founding in 2016, ChopValue’s urban harvesting approach has diverted over 135 million chopsticks from the landfill, engineering them into carbon negative performance products for homes, restaurants, and businesses. Their compelling vision to redefine the term “waste” to “resource” has garnered recognition as a Top 5% Certified B-Corporation and the attention of top-tier media outlets such as Business Insider, BBC, The Guardian, and Forbes. To learn more about their resource-efficient impact for a climate positive future, please visit


About Ergo Group of Companies

Ergo is a pioneering leader in the furniture and office solutions industry, driven by a vision to bring joy and comfort to all users of Ergo products and services. Since 1986, the company has been dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and distributing preferred quality furnishing systems with a focus on total customer satisfaction and competitive prices. As trailblazers in ergonomic innovation, Ergo introduced the first ergonomically designed chairs from Europe to the Philippines, setting the standard for quality office furniture in the region. Over the years, they have consistently grown and evolved, cementing their position as a leader in the industry. Find out more about Ergo by visiting

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